Staff and Students


Research Coordinator:  Stephanie Robins

Stephanie RobinsStephanie has been working with our team since 2010 as research coordinator. Stephanie oversees the running of the laboratory and collaborates on most aspects of ongoing projects from protocol development to data collection, data analysis and manuscript preparation. She mentors students and staff in our office and presents our findings at conferences. She is also responsible for overseeing the coordination of the different phases of our mobile app projects. Stephanie holds a  Masters degree in molecular biology from McGill University’s department of Experimental Medicine, and has previously worked in veterinary research and website creation.

Ph.D.: Paul Grunberg

PaulPaul is a Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology at McGill University. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, he seeks to better understand the online experiences of people who suffer from chronic medical conditions, such as infertility. Paul has a particular interest in the use of web-based platforms for providing and receiving peer support and the effect of peer support on the psychological well-being of such individuals.

Research Assistants

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 3.02.57 PMEden Gelgoot holds an MSc in Psychiatry from McGill University. She conducted her graduate research in the Infotility lab, examining the impact of health literacy on patients’ ability to navigate and benefit from the Infotility app. Since completing her MSc, Eden has continued to work in the lab as a Research Assistant. In this role, she mentors undergraduate students and volunteers, collects and analyzes data from the app studies, and collaborates with the research team to synthesize findings into manuscripts for publication.

IMG_E6497 (1)Jordana Kazdan recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree at McGill University, with a major concentration in Psychology, and a minor concentration in Science. In addition to being fascinated by behavioural science itself, Jordana is more broadly interested in how we can use our scientific understanding to better the lives of people.  Jordana’s responsibilities including supporting the team in the development and quality assurance of our next app intervention. She also participates in data collection, database preparation, analyses and manuscript preparation.

Photo_Katya Kruglova_2020Katya Kruglova received her bachelor’s degree in Environment, Domain of Ecological Determinants of Health in Society, with a minor in Management from McGill University. Prior to joining the Infotility team, she gained experience in the non-profit sector, making a difference as a member of Colorectal Cancer Canada. Passionate about helping improve the lives of others, Katya has a particular interest in environmental epidemiology and health promotion. Katya is the lab’s full time RA and she collaborates on all aspects of the development and testing of our mobile apps. Her responsibilities also include data collection, database preparation, analyses and manuscript preparation.

siobhan-headshot.jpgSiobhan O’Connell recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with a minor in Mathematics from McGill University. Her research interests include gender studies and criminology, and she enjoys using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. As part of the Infotility team, Siobhan is working on preparing databases and organizing the data collected from the Infotility studies for analysis.

Undergraduate Students and Volunteers

Émilie Bélanger | Emily Nolan| Julie Goldenberg  | Alix Lahuec | Darian McCabe | Samantha Wunderlich

 Former Infotility Lab Members

Research assistants

Skye Miner | Marie-Eve Lemoine | Karolanne Gagné | Alice Chen | Rachel Idelson | Margot Kelly-Hedrick | Icoquih Badillo-Amberg | Jéremie Richard | Michael Aronoff | Isabelle Sadowski | Davis Daumler

Knowledge Translation Specialist 

 Joy Schinazi


Shannon Pearson

Post doctoral fellow

Vanessa Lecompte

Masters students

Felicia Brochu | Shrinkhala Dawadi

Undergraduate students and volunteers

Darryl Safo | Mandy Wu | Alyssa Wride | Melody Zhang | Brett Brekkas | Ronald Chang |  Emily Nolan  | Julian Guidote |  Catherine Zhu |  Rebecca Yen | Ryan Schwartz | Zoë Goldstein | Amanda Gentile | Joanna Liu| Amber-Lee DiPaolo | Joelle Schaffer | Philippa Chown |