We are developing an app looking for men with any history of infertility to share helpful information with people currently going through fertility treatment

What is this project about?

  • Developing and testing an app, called Infotility that offers information and support to fertility patients starting treatment.
  • Giving new patients access to Infotility’s fertility discussion forum where they can receive information and support from people who know about infertility.dudebyphone

Why we need you.

  • For Infotility to be most helpful, we need men who can provide helpful information to new male fertility patients.
  • Your role will be to use your own experience to answer patient questions through the peer discussion forum.

If you volunteer to become a peer, we would ask that you offer about 4 hours per week at times that are convenient for you.  The total duration of the study is 26 weeks.

We offer online training sessions to provide helpful guidelines about the online interactions that you as a peer volunteer might have with app users.

How to participate or contact us?

If interested in participating, please contact our research coordinator Stephanie Robins at srobins@jgh.mcgill.ca or at 514-340-8222 ext.: (2)3308

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